Welcome to the Institute for Solidarity Economics!

Our aim is to support the Solidarity Economy Movement for a just and sustainable economic system. The movement consists of organisations and initiatives that embody principles like solidarity, self-management, democracy, co-operation, equity, pluralism, and environmental sustainability. We want to research, collaborate and take action to help build on the already existing ‘Solidarity Economy’.

The story so far is that we’ve funded several projects, looked into several different solidarity economy networks throughout the world and started linking up with groups in the UK and abroad.

Our plans for this year are to help build a network of a broad range of organisations and initiatives involved in the Solidarity Economy. We hope to do that through organizing meetings and events where this network can share its knowledge and come up with ideas of how to further collaborate. We are also researching and developing the use of linked open data for describing the SE, building on standards developed by others and working in collaboration with the P6data Project and TransforMap.

If you would like to ask us anything or tell us about your organisation please don’t hesitate to email info@solidarityeconomics.org.

In solidarity,

Solidarity Networking