Workshop: How can local empowerment transform communities?


Think Global have teamed up with SUSY to put on a workshop on bridging the gap between development agencies and the social economy.

Here are the details…

London Workshop: THURSDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER, 09.30-17.00
Portsmouth Workshop: FRIDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER, 10.00-15.30

Is there a way to alleviate poverty while creating communities which are sustainable, better connected and empowered? How do organisations become creative and innovative in their approach to poverty alleviation? Can organisations create stronger partnerships with those beyond the charity sector? What are the key elements that make sustainable locally-led models work? And how can organisations learn from each other to make a bigger impact?

NGOs and organisations in the social economy operate in different spaces but often have shared aims and vision in what they want to achieve. This free one-day workshop will bring together NGOs and social economy initiatives, including Locality, Social Enterprise UK, Islamic Relief, in order to find new ways of empowering communities, creating sustainable livelihoods and sharing best practice.

This workshop will:
• Discuss poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship, community empowerment and asset-ownership.
• Identify sustainable models across the UK and abroad, in order to create greater awareness in how these models bring communities together, create partnerships and skills, and build resilience.

We are a partner of a Europe-wide, EC funded project called SUSY-SUstainability and SolidaritY. This project seeks to map and raise awareness about an alternative economic model, namely the social and solidarity economy (SSE), which can work positively towards poverty alleviation.

Spaces are limited. Click on the link to reserve your place for the London workshop or the Portsmouth workshop. If you would like more information about the project or the workshops, please email Programme Manager: Faaria Ahmad,

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