About us

The idea behind the Institute for Solidarity Economics (ISE) was borne out of a growing sense of urgency for a fair and ecological alternative to capitalism. After the initial announcement of our formation in late 2014 at the UK Society for Co-operative Studies Conference, the team began to take shape in mid 2015, and our work began in earnest at the end of that year.

Initially, we felt it was important to do two things. We spent time listening to the people in our Solidarity Economy community, and discussing the wide range of challenges we’d like to overcome together. We also funded a small number of really good projects helping to address some pressing issues.

We’ve come a long way since our inception, and we’re now ready to take our activity to the next level. Over the coming year you’ll see us update our strategy for going forwards, and we’re hoping to build on some of the fantastic partnerships we’ve already made over the past couple of years, as well as undertaking some new activity and becoming a bit more visible in the wider world. We hope to see you out there soon.

Our Purpose

The ISE has been formed to promote Solidarity Economics (SE) and the Solidarity Economy Movement (SEM). Its purpose is to commission and conduct research in SE, to raise awareness of the SEM among the general public and members of SE organisations and to improve communication within the SEM.

Our Vision

To see a transition to an economy that serves the real needs of people in an ecologically sustainable manner, embodying the values of the SEM – namely self-management, participatory democracy, co-operation, equity, pluralism and of course, solidarity.

Our Values

We embody the values of the SEM in how we conduct our own affairs, in an attentive and transparent manner.