The Story So Far

Sep 26

ISE Formation Announced at UK Co-op Studies Conference

May 14

Principle 6 Plus Fund Announced at Worker Co-op Weekend

May 18

Clara dos Santos Joins ISE

Sep 10

Sponsor Solikon ’15 in Berlin

Oct 22

Sponsor Global Hub For Common Good Think Ocean Series

Dec 10

Matt Wallis and Dan Whiteley Form Technology Team

Dec 16

Open Data Hackday with Open Data Services

Dec 18

We Join SolidFund

Jan 07

Sponsor Not Alone: Trade Union and Co-operative Solutions for Self-Employed Workers

Jan 21

Sponsor Ways Forward IV Conference in Manchester

Feb 16

Publish Our Strategy for Linked Open Data

Mar 10

Co-operative Economy of Rojava & Bakur Website Launched

Apr 13

UK Solidarity Economy Network Meeting in Oxford

May 24

New Trustees Meeting in Oxford

Oct 18

Community Economic Development and the Solidarity Economy

Cohosted event with New Economics Foundation

Oct 18

Alternatives to Capitalism: The Solidarity Economy Perspective

Cohosted London Event With STIR To Action

Jan 16

Guest Edited Solidarity Economy Special Edition of STIR Magazine

Jan 20

Sponsor Ways Forward V Conference

Feb 16

Sponsor & Present Linked Open Data Project at Open 2017: Platform Co-operatives Conference