Our Work

We have set ourselves five main goals for the next few years, which we hope to achieve with a combination of internal projects, run by our team, and supported projects, run by our partners, either with the support of our team members or with our financial support.



Strategy Development

To have made a significant contribution to research and strategy development for the success of the SE.

Education and Promotion
  • Everyone in the UK with an interest in economics is familiar with the term Solidarity Economics and has a rough sense of its values and defining principles.
  • There are educational materials accessible for all who want to learn more.
Networking and Collaboration

To have a significant, self-conscious Solidarity Economy Movement in the UK, which meets and collaborates often.

Linked Open Data
  • 30 SEM organisations publish some of their data in a LOD manner.
  • To have demonstrated to those in the UK Co-op movement that are interested in data sharing and discovery the value of a LOD approach.
  • 5 applications to have been written that provide services, using this new linked data.
Initiative Discovery

It is easy to discover where SEM organisations and initiatives can be found, and other important information about them.

To see what past and present projects we have been working on, please go to:

Internal Projects

Supported Projects