Mutuality matters, morally and economically

Why is an economy built on solidarity important at this time?

About Solidarity Economics

Solidarity Economics uses data and analysis to contribute to a more powerful, well-resourced,  and cross-sector movement for equity.

Our Work

This project is a collaboration between Institute for Social Transformation, Everett Program at UC Santa Cruz and USC Dornsife Equity Research Institute. We work in collaboration with social movements for economic, racial, and environmental justice to push forward a more unifying economic narrative that centers on the marginalized voices.

New Book

In this book Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor invite us to imagine and create a new sort of solidarity economics – an approach grounded in our instincts for connection and community – and in so doing, actually build a more robust, sustainable, and equitable economy.

Solidarity Economics is an essential read for anyone who longs for an economy that can generate prosperity, provide for all, and preserve the planet.

New Comic

Dr. Chris Benner and Dr. Manuel Pastor’s Solidarity Economics is visualized in their new comic. This comic highlights central aspects to understanding solidarity economics and implementing the approach in your own communities.

Applying Solidarity Economics Principles

Video Resources

Movements, Mutuality & Momementum

A talk with the Renewal Initative Team at PICO California. Manuel Pastor highlights the importance of economic narratives and how to reimagine while lifting up commonality.

Issue Guides

Housing in the Monterey Bay area

This is part of a series on how Solidarity Economics principles of mutuality and
movements can be applied to help promote inclusive economic development in the
Monterey Bay region.

Solidarity Economics in the News

Thank You To Our Sponsors

This project was made possible by The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), and was also supported in part by grants from SEIU, The James Irvine Foundation, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations. used to be the domain of the UK based Solidarity Economy Association, which can now be found at