Shifting our economic paradigm and practices will require a combination of research evidence (facts), stories and narratives that resonate with peoples experiences (feelings), and the power to implement transformative change (force). Click below to learn more in each of these areas.


Evidence clearly shows the importance of mutuality. 
Find  research organizations, reports, and data helping to demonstrate the economic value of solidarity here.


Change comes as much from the heart as the head.
Find videos, documentaries, podcasts and other resources that help build the narrative and compelling stories of how and why mutuality


Change requires force to help build our mutuality.
Find organizations building community power and advocating for a more just, equitable and human-centered economy. here.

Issue Guides

A series on how Solidarity Economics principles of mutuality and movements can be applied to help promote inclusive economic development in the Monterey Bay region.

Solidarity Economics: Housing Guide

Solidarity Economics: public health Guide